Student Minstries

SALT is a group of students, grades 8-12, who are interested in serving the youth group as "servant leaders." Jesus said that we should be "salt and light" in our world. In other words, Jesus' followers should be examples and make the world a better place wherever they are. SALT students will strive to do just that. They will take a greater ownership in the youth group as they help plan events, lead parts of our youth services, and serve in other areas in the church. These students will be prepared to apply principles of Christian leadership wherever they are involved, both in and out of “church.”

The team will meet once a month, and attendance at these meetings is required unless “providentially” hindered. SALT members are also expected to participate in available youth discipleship where they will not only deepen their own commitment as a disciple of Christ and serve as examples to other youth but will also be given opportunities to apprentice with an adult leader and eventually lead a group themselves.

SALT members have the opportunity to work closely with adult youth leaders in different areas of ministry. They may serve on or lead ministry teams such as outreach, prayer, youth snacks, hospitality/care, and events planning. SALT members are held to a higher standard of conduct. Our desire is to train the church leaders of tomorrow by giving these youth leaders the opportunity to accept responsibility today.

To download the application and other documents for SALT click on the Downloads section.