We want to create the safest environment possible. To help make that happen we have a check-in process to ensure that you or someone you designate pick up your child. Below is the step by step process for a Sunday morning. If this is your first time to Canopy Roads, you can expedite the process by bringing the Sunday Preregistration form with you.
  • When you arrive locate the check in stations in the room behind the café
  • You will be asked for your last name
  • Once your record is found you will be given a name tag for your child and another slip for you
  • You will be guided to the room where you child will be care for
  • If there are any issues that need your attention during the service a number on the screen will appear that will correspond with the one on your tag. The Preschool director will meet you when you exit the worship center to inform you on the situation
  • When the service is over you can bring the tag that you received when you checked it to the room your child is in and they will verify that you are an authorized person to pick up your child