Student Minstries

Our student ministry is designed to connect students with God and each other. Whether you are in high school or middle school, you will find an environment tailored to your season of life.

Each environment contains relevant teaching, engaging worship, and opportunities for students to connect with one another. Weekly opportunities include connect small groups & large group worship times.

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The Purpose of Overflow Student Ministries‚Äč

Purpose Statement: To help unreached students become fully devoted followers of Christ.

This is done through the application of these five principles:

  • Evangelism - Overflow exists to educate students in sharing the Gospel with their friends and family, as well as demonstrating the Gospel in their own lives
  • Worship - Overflow exists to teach students how to praise and glorify God, not only through song, but through their lifestyle and actions
  • Ministry - Overflow exists to meet the needs of students with the love of Jesus Christ
  • Fellowship - Overflow exists to create an environment where students can make friends, be held accountable, and openly share what is going on in their lives
  • Discipleship - Overflow exists to help students grow and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ


Our 8 Essential Truths

God Is • The Bible is God’s Word • People are God Treasure • Jesus is God & Savior • The Holy Spirit is God & Empower • Salvation is by Faith Alone • The Church is God’s Plan • The Future is in God’s Hands

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