Our vision is to honor God by helping unchurched people become fully-devoted followers of Christ.

    Why target “unchurched people”?

    That’s a great question! We have given a lot of thought to this because it drives most of what we do at Canopy Roads. Here are three reasons we focus on reaching people who are not already actively attending—a least once a month—another local church.

  • We believe that it is unethical to target believers in other churches. It’s wrong to try to attract members from other local churches to come to our church. Encouraging people to migrate from church to church does not honor God or build His kingdom. They need to worship and serve where God has already led them.
  • We believe that it is arrogant to target unbelievers who are attending other churches. If someone who does not believe in Christ starts attending any Christian church we get excited. It would be arrogant of us to try to draw this person to Canopy Roads thinking that we could teach them better at our church.
  • We believe it is biblical to target people who are far from God. Whether they have never been Christ followers or have wandered away from the faith for some reason, we want to reach out and show grace to people who are disconnected from any local church. This was Jesus’ life mission, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10). Reaching “unchurched people” makes God smile!
  • What is a fully-devoted follower of Christ?

    Jesus said in Luke 6:40, “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.” The goal of each of us as Christ followers is to become like Jesus, our teacher. While such a goal is unattainable this side of heaven, it is a life-long objective that should passionately burn in the heart of every Christian. We can never become fully-developed followers, but we can choose to be fully-devoted ones. Full devotion is a daily decision. We choose every day many times a day whether or not to be devoted to and thus obedient to Christ. Over the course of time fully-devoted followers experience lasting life change that positively impacts their marriages, families, friendships, careers, personal finances and every other dimension of everyday life. Full devotion to Christ changes lives. Changed lives can change communities. Changed communities can change nations. Changed nations can change the world. A changed world honors God!

    What inspires an unchurched person to become a fully-devoted follower of Christ?

    This is totally a “God thing.” Only God can change a person’s heart. To join God in His heart-changing work we have created worship environments for preschoolers, elementary age children, teenagers, and adults to present the truths of the Bible in ways that are culturally relevant for each age group. We use music, drama, video, creative arts and practical messages about real life to engage all ages in life-changing worship and teaching. We have worked hard to create a culture of authentic community where people relax, be real and find faith, friends and family. However, the greatest inspiration for someone to become a fully-devoted follower of Christ is being around other people who are passionate about Christ and are experiencing genuine life change.

    How are we doing with the vision?

    Approximately half of the members and regular attendees at Canopy Roads were “unchurched” before coming here. Over one third of them were baptized here. Nearly two-thirds of the baptisms were adults. God is changing lives at Canopy Roads. We are humbled that He is using us to fulfill His vision.