We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). As with all SBC churches, Canopy Roads is an autonomous, independent congregation. We form our own by-laws and make our own decisions without the oversight of a denominational hierarchy. So if we make our own decisions why are we affiliated with the SBC? Good question! Here’s why:

  • The power of cooperation—It’s hard for one church, even a large one, to have a worldwide impact. That’s why we join with over 45,000 SBC churches in the United States to multiply our efforts to share the Gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ to the rest of the world. Together with our SBC friends we are able to support about 5,000 full-time missionaries in North American and over 5,000 more in 153 different countries.
  • Common beliefs—Southern Baptists have historically been a “people of the book” relying solely on the Bible as their source of truth and doctrine about God, Jesus, salvation, heaven, hell and other core beliefs. Our church’s essential beliefs align with the broader statement of faith from the Southern Baptist Convention entitled The Baptist Faith and Message. There is both encouragement and accountability in aligning with other like-minded churches to teach the truths of the Bible in our secular society.
  • Commitment to Evangelism and Missions—The SBC is one of the most actively evangelistic and missions-minded denominations in the world. This aligns perfectly with our church’s purpose “to honor God by helping un-churched people become fully devoted followers of Christ.”
  • Disaster relief—Living in Florida we know a little bit about disasters. What most people don’t know is that Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is the second largest disaster relief organization in the United States. We are proud to be a part of helping others in their time of great need.

As an SBC church we are also affiliated with our state and local SBC entities, the Florida Baptist Convention and the Florida Baptist Association.

Through the faithful service and stewardship of our members and regular attenders Canopy Roads is either formally or informally affiliated with a number of local, regional and international Christian ministries.